A Walk through the „Brno Bronx“

A Walk through the „Brno Bronx“

Místo: Před Mahenovým divadlem
A guided walk with Don…

11. 6. 2016

A Walk through the „Brno Bronx“, 11. 6. 2016 v 13.30

Datum : 11 . 6 . 2016

Místo : Před Mahenovým divadlem

Typ : Další

A guided walk with Don Sparling through the „Brno Bronx“, the area where the Ghettofest will be taking place. A great chance to learn more about the past and present of a part of Brno that has played a series of fascinating roles in the course of the city’s history.

Meeting place: In front of the Mahen Theatre, Malinovského nám.

We’ll finish up around 15:00 in the midst of the Ghettofest action!